She moves with a “light” authority

She’s coming into her power…

She’s no longer afraid to say what she feels and thinks…

She’s not apologetically diluting her knowledge, feelings and insights to appease the fragile egos of others.

Her diplomacy is now based on compassionate sensitivity, not on being “ego”-politically correct.

She can play in this field because she’s not concerned about being judged, ridiculed or rejected …

She faces that fear for the most part and walks through it, Her desire to make a difference is greater than her fear… Because of this, her power is now flowing and available to her.

Her core is sustained by her understanding and acceptance that she is an expression of Divine Mother, she no longer identifies herself as an image of limitations amalgamated from past influences called by a certain name, playing certain roles etc

She sees that person as her souls supportive role for this life and her vehicle of learning, her science lab, her schoolroom, her body of pleasure and pain that houses her heart and expresses her source…

She is finally accepting and integrating her human personality, she’s also constantly amused by her, often frustrated by her too, but she now realizes that she’s more than “her.” So she’s no longer at the mercy of her limited personality programs.

her self cruelty has ceased, Instead she is patient and supportive of herself because she’s embodying who she truly is, and who she truly is has never been broken, weak or limited nor empty and hungering for recognition, that ghost self still haunts her occasionally, but she sees it for what it is so it doesn’t rule her choices…

She’s more invested in giving that respect, appreciation, recognition and support to others, not making the receiving of it for herself her driving force and focus.
This has freed her to be an agent of abundance;

Her impetus is to educate, heal and enable love, so everything that she chooses now is for the upliftment of herself and all beings…

But she’s still learning how to fine tune what she gives so that it can be fully received, but by invitation only, she has nothing to prove or force upon anyone, nor does she need to be right…

She knows that “tossing her pearls to swine” is a waste of her energy, and her energy is precious to her, it took her a long time to learn how to manage it, and she’s still learning to let go of her programmed “should’s” and “shouldn’ts” to support what is in actuality “essence”-ial moment by moment.

She’s living and making choices in present time, in relation to what is before her untouched by what was…

In the past her approach was self sacrificial…

but after her health started to suffer,

She realized that giving to herself was giving of herself because without her health and energy she had nothing to offer.

Now She’s offering quality not quantity, so she’s giving her love, support, and knowledge that others can use for their own self discovery, she smiles and she open hearts, she shares words that reveal and heal..

She moves with a “light” authority

She is Saraswati, Inanna, Tara and Pacha Mama rolled into one. ॐ


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