Don’t play games with this generation Bruh.Gotta be upfront

“Stringing Someone Along ”

Dear Self,


If you want something serious, tell them from the damn start! The only people who get scared away is the people who aren’t looking for anything serious and the people who aren’t on the same page as you. Yes, you WANT those types to be scared away”! The only person who would feel like you’re putting pressure on them too soon is the person who just wants to “see what happens,” “go with the flow” and just chill. The truth is, their pace is different from yours and that’s ok. You aren’t looking for a “just chill” friend. That’s OK. You don’t want to just see what happens. That’s fine. You want to find someone who’s willing to work with you to make something happen. You are willing to go with the flow as long as that flow has Direction, good intentions and a plan. Don’t be afraid to let people know what the hell you want from the damn start and be ready to accept when they aren’t on the same page. No need to force shit but don’t let people make you feel like you’re being too serious or else they will string you along and say “let it happen naturally and organically”

There is no way in hell that you should believe someone really wants you if you live about 20 minutes away from each other, but you never go out on dates. You rarely chill. And when you do chill, its always in doors and conveniently suitable for sex. How can someone want you so much but can’t find time to show you? How can someone have this intense desire for you but can’t call you or text you or see you? “Let’s see what happens and go with the flow” are our world’s new dating status. Its the type of relationship where you can engage fully in committed relationship behaviors but you’re not committed because you’re still going with the flow and getting to know each other even after five, six, seven, eight months. Its the type of relationship where you can test-drive all of the benefits from a committed relationship without actually committing to it. Its the type of relationship where after every two months, someone asked what are we, but the other person says “Let’s not rush. I’m not ready. Let’s see how it goes. Let’s just enjoy each other’s time. Let it grow naturally. Let’s Let It Grow organically!’ But the only thing that’s in a rush, that’s ready, that’s going anywhere with time, that’s naturally growing is your feelings! But still, no commitment! Why? Because they already have the type of relationship with you that they want. If they commit, the whole dynamic of the relationship changes into something that you want but not what they want! There’s no way on Earth that someone wants you but just can’t seem to show it . People can’t really break up anymore today because they aren’t actually together. They just stop seeing what happens together. The people who really want to be together, make something happen instead of thinking a relationship comes naturally. You have to choose an actively commit in order for a relationship to start. They don’t fall into any one’s lap.


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