10 Reasons to Start a Side Hustle

If you didn’t already know, I started my ‘art business’ on the side of a full time job recently. I started this ‘side hustle’ as a way to utilise my creative energy, and a way to test the waters for a side income.
And here we are.
It was definitely a risky move, but now I get to do what I love every day of the week.
Since I started my business, I have completed over 200 custom designs, many prints, worked with some big musical artists, had my first solo exhibition, and reached over 4000 followers on Instagram.
Not too shabby for someone who started it with the hopes of just selling a single piece.
If you are in a position where you want to pursue some artistic talent, earn a couple of bucks, but have full time commitments, then starting a side hustle is perfect for you!
Here are my 10 reasons why you should!
If it is just a ‘side hustle’, there is minimal risk. You still have the security of your main job.

If it succeeds, you can quit your main job – if you wish to do so, and work for yourself and be your own boss!

You can utilise your creative energy which is not only great for your mental health, but also a fantastic way to make some extra money on the side.

You can choose your own hours. If you are super tired from a day at your normal job, there is no one saying you have to work on your side business that night. Just take a breather and focus on it another night/day.

You feel more free. Even though you may be restricted from your normal daily routine, and feel completely overwhelmed and busy at times balancing both, there is definitely a great sense of freedom knowing that your efforts will be rewarded. The benefits of succeeding in this side hustle are more freeing than anything, so it will motivate you to keep pushing.

You are given a better sense of purpose. Do you ever sometimes just wonder what is your reason for being here? Do you sometimes just feel as though you are stuck in a position where you are not giving as much as you can give to the world? Well I can assure you, that doing something you love on the side, will help you have a better sense of purpose knowing that people want to see what you can create. It’s an amazing feeling.

You do things with more intention. It is easy to get lost in repetitive boring tasks that don’t mean anything, or that waste our valuable time. Once you start working for yourself, you learn to look at things differently and more responsibly. You choose to use your time more wisely, and start doing things for reasons that will benefit you.

You will have less time to be sad. Sounds kind of depressing, I know! But really, if you’re someone like me who gets emotional easily and often, you will find that you simply do not have the time to get upset over minor trivial things anymore.

You could build an empire! Some of the biggest most successful businesses/entrepreneurs/artists/designers etc started exactly where you are and have managed to become not only extremely wealthy, but also bosses of many many people!

You can change the world! Even though it is so unbearably cliche, you really could have an impact on the world with what it is you do. For example – you could advocate your favourite charities through your work. You could raise money and awareness through your work. We all have the power to help change, and if we have a larger social status (e.g. you can make yourself big on social media) you could really use that for a worthy cause!

So there it is, just some of the reasons it is great to start a side hustle. Not just for an extra dollar, but for what it represents and for what it can become. No one can dictate where you can go with your future, except for you.


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